Code of conduct

Applies to Everyone

Every club has a Code of Conduct. Gravesham Borough Youth Football Club adhere to the FA’S Respect Campaign.

To keep the respect of our club, as a friendly community club we  expect all associated with the club to respect our values.

Our Club Welfare Officer is Ms Cristine Connal. Should you know of an adult that has been abusive at a game, you must let us know.

If you’ve experienced any abusive or aggressive behaviour by another spectator you must let us know. If you suspect abuse by either a Coach, a Manager or bullying by another team member, you must report this straight away.

We take any reports of abuse as a serious matter in this club. We’re a community club who welcome and treat everyone with respect, regardless of their gender, race or religion.

Coaches and Managers must be respected

Coaches and Managers play a huge role in encouraging young people to play the game. If you’re a parent and you disagree with the game time your child has, ask the coach how your child can improve. To be abusive is not the answer to your frustration and will not be tolerated.

Ensure a Safe and positive Environment

Everyone must feel safe at grassroots football and be in positive surroundings to enjoy the game.

Match Officials Must Be Respected

There may be instances when you may not agree with the decision of a match official. Shouting any kind of abuse is not tolerated and the match officials could report the club if they feel abused,  intimidated or threatened. Breaking these rules could lead to yourself, to be being banned from the club grounds and matches.

Report any kind of Bullying

If you notice any kind of bullying from anyone within our club,  you must report the incident to the Club Welfare Officer.


Abusive or Aggressive behaviour from the touchline is not acceptable, at our club. Encouragement is welcome as long as it’s positive behaviour.

The Respect Line

At every grassroots match there is either a barrier or a Respect Line, where spectators must not cross. This is provided In accordance with the FA’S Respect campaign to allow progression.

Treat Everyone With Respect

Everyone must be treated with respect, whilst at training or on a football pitch. Singling out individuals for criticism in a team sport is bullying.

Club Welfare Officer

Club Welfare Officer

Ms Christine Connal

My name is Christine Connal and I’m the club’s Welfare Officer. All concerns in relation to your children should be directed to me. I’m here to help and I take my role  seriously.

Please feel free to contact me with your concerns in relation to the club. All safeguarding Issues  or concerns must be reported to me as soon as possible through Email. I will respond to each and every concern raised.

Welfare Concerns?

Please Let US know